You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers

  • How long does it take to make my order?

    This will vary depending on the number of items in your order, stock available and the number of orders ahead of yours. It may take up to four weeks to complete your order. Please message me if you are looking for a rush order.

  • How do I pay if I don't order through Etsy?

    I can take payment via e-Transfer (if you are in Canada), or PayPal. Please contact me if you cannot pay with either of these methods.

  • How do I care for paracord products?

    1. Cleaning paracord accessories:
      • Wash products by hand without chemicals. I like to use dish soap to help remove dirt.
    2. Protecting colours:
      • Extended sunlight exposure will cause colours to fade, keep out of direct sunlight when not in use.
      • Wash salt water and mud off using freshwater as soon as possible.
    3. Product durability:
      • Please use my products responsibly. I do not accept liability associated with the use of my products, it is up to your discretion to decide if you feel these products are appropriate for your pet. Contact me to learn about material specifications.
      • Check your products for wear and tear. These products are durable but will not last forever. Please contact me if you have any concerns about your accessories.

  • Are all of your products on your Etsy site?

    No, some accessories such as harnesses are too customizable to be effectively posted on Esty. Please contact me with requests for paracord accessories that you don’t see on my Etsy site.

  • Do you take special requests?

    Yes, if you see a product that I don’t currently offer, please contact me with photos and I will see if I can make it happen!

  • Do you make paracord accessories for people?

    Yes, I have made many ‘people products’ including belts, camera straps, bracelets and guitar straps. Contact me with special requests!

  • What kinds of hardware do you offer?

    I carry Stainless Steel (SS), Nickel Plated (NP), Solid Brass (BR) hardware and plastic / Acetal buckles.

  • Which metal should I choose?

    Stainless Steel (SS) hardware

    • silver in colour
    • high strength (stronger than nickel plated option)
    • durable
    • withstands exposure to salt water and chlorine better than nickel plated hardware
      • rinse with freshwater after exposure to salt water or chlorine
    • rust resistant
    • can tarnish and leave darks marks on webbing, paracord and light coloured fur
    • more expensive than plated hardware

    Solid Brass (BR) hardware

    • gold in colour
    • will not rust
    • will patina over time (thin layer of grey to greenish-blue corrosion)
    • patina may discolour light-coloured webbing or fur
      • discolouration can be washed off with soap and water
    • durable
    • most expensive option

    Nickel Plated (NP) hardware 

    • silver in colour
    • Zinc cast plated with nickel
    • resists corrosion, but is more likely to rust than SS or BR hardware
    • plating can wear off over time, showing the metal underneath
    • not recommended if you often expose your accessories to the elements
    • lightweight
    • least expensive option


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