Which metal should I choose?

Stainless Steel (SS) hardware

  • silver in colour
  • high strength (stronger than nickel plated option)
  • durable
  • withstands exposure to salt water and chlorine better than nickel plated hardware
    • rinse with freshwater after exposure to salt water or chlorine
  • rust resistant
  • can tarnish and leave darks marks on webbing, paracord and light coloured fur
  • more expensive than plated hardware

Solid Brass (BR) hardware

  • gold in colour
  • will not rust
  • will patina over time (thin layer of grey to greenish-blue corrosion)
  • patina may discolour light-coloured webbing or fur
    • discolouration can be washed off with soap and water
  • durable
  • most expensive option

Nickel Plated (NP) hardware 

  • silver in colour
  • Zinc cast plated with nickel
  • resists corrosion, but is more likely to rust than SS or BR hardware
  • plating can wear off over time, showing the metal underneath
  • not recommended if you often expose your accessories to the elements
  • lightweight
  • least expensive option


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